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We create exhibitions which could not exist in real life


We collaborate with museums to exhibit their hidden treasures


We provide comprehensive descriptions of the nature and history of each artwork


We work with artists, institutions, and databases to obtain the best visuals


We give you access to art wherever you are, for free!

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Co-founder & CEO

My goal has always been to use the Internet to make art accessible, clear, and fun. Why? Because art & the Internet are about gathering people together, about accessibility, clarity, and fun. But so many people don’t see it. So many people think art is elitist and intellectual. With UMA, my aim is to prove them wrong! Art is for anyone and everyone!

Co-founder & CFO

The Internet revolution and the evolution of displays have greatly disrupted our way of seeing the world in general, and culture in particular. Because I am passionate about art and new technologies, I want to see them work hand in hand in lasting cooperation. At Sisso, we have been easing the greatest cultural institutions into the digital transition for 7 years. This experience has led me to picture an entirely virtual museum, where art is dematerialised and thus made accessible to everyone, outside of the constraints of reality: UMA is this dream come true!


I jumped up at the chance to work with UMA. This team’s commitment to exploring the limits of art and innovation is inspiring, and it is a tech challenge I couldn’t pass up.

Co-founder & technical advisor

For me, UMA embodies the ideal of a 100% digital cultural project. When it comes to art, what is at stake in today’s society? Three words: democratization, accessibility, and innovation. UMA is the solution to all three. The public will be able to project themselves in various spaces; learn about various themes; live through various temporalities, all within frequent and unique exhibitions.

Communications manager

UMA is the logical outcome of our modern relationship to art and culture. It is the answer to a timeless ideal of cultural transmission and it comes in a digitalized, highly stylized shape that brings together the best of worldwide art with the latest technological possibilities.

If we live in a hyper-connected world, why are there yet so many inequalities when it comes to accessing knowledge ? UMA’s aim is to bridge some of them by truly connecting all cultures through a virtual artistic globalisation.

The project is as tremendous as our motivation; let us bring you art, wherever you are!

Co-founder & Public Relations

When Sisso was created, one of our goals was to create the first virtual museum. Time went by and we attended different matters… Now, some years later, it warms my heart to see that UMA has picked up the dream and carried it through! This new adventure will blur the limit between reality and the virtual for the benefit of art: UMA will allow exhibitions to exist and artworks to be reunited, in spite of material and geographical impediments.

Development manager

As the embodiment of the reconciliation between Art and Technology, UMA’s mission is first and foremost to get as many people around the world to feel through art, and to connect through art- thanks to the Internet. The project is as ambitious as the team is passionate, and its universality will surely touch many others as it has touched me.

Virtual Architect

UMA is just what I’ve been waiting for in years !  Reinventing the museum, its access, its business model. We’re doing something that has never been done before, it is extremely exciting. I put all my digital expertise in UMA!