Current Exhibitions

The Spoils of War

Recovering Looted Artworks from the Second World War

Between 1933 and 1945, more than 600 000 artworks had been torn from their owners. The greatest masters of classical and modern painting were victims of this cultural purge.

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Memories Paper, Nathalie Boutté

Her work is always a renaissance, her technique still learning. No certainty, no truth, always an extra experience, always one more step forward

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Lives of the Italian Renaissance

Imagine traveling in an instant from Rome to Padua, from the Vatican to Mantua, from Venice to Tuscany. Discover the most iconic works punctuated them by a resolutely contemporary architecture.

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Cats in Art History

From Ancient Egyptian statues to modern times painting, discover the many faces and various personalities of our favourite felines !

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A Walk Into Street Art

Explore a city gathering iconic walls of Banksy, JR, Obey, Keith Haring, Vhils, some trains from the NYC 80’s underground scene, and many other surprises.

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Founding Myths

illustrated by Masters from Ancient to Contemporary Art

Five great myths of humanity: The Ramayana, The Iliad & Odyssey, Virgil’s Aeneid, Ovid’s Metamorphoses, and The Apocalypse.

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Subway Art

Photos by Henry Chalfant

Discover the pioneers of graffiti in the 80’s NYC subway. See the vintage R38 train waggons captured by Henry Chalfant.

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Upcoming Exhibitions

Caricature: A Weapon of Mass Diffusion

Caricature traces the outlines of history. First considered as a minor, scandalous and outrageous form of art, caricature loses its bad reputation and goes to become a popular tool adopted by the largest newspapers.

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West African Kingdoms

Africa is a continent that feeds many fantasies. Great civilizations have lived there, some have planted their roots thousands of years ago, others continue on today.

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From the Renaissance to Impressionism: the Great European Artists in French Collections

A large panorama of the Art History and the great artists that are part of it. Discover an exhibition through the variety and richness of the French museum collections.

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National Museum of Rio de Janeiro

The National Museum of Rio fire of September 3rd 2018 was a loss for all humanity. Frescoes from Pompeii, bones millions of years old, unique works of art, paintings by the great masters of the Art History are forever missing.

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Hidden Images

Human Landscape

Men and women become landscape. Through the artist’s vision, they are enhanced with new meanings ranging from religion to power, from philosophy to sex.

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