A Walk Into Street Art

4th March 2018

Explore a city gathering iconic walls of Banksy, JR, Obey, Keith Haring, Vhils, some trains from the NYC 80’s underground scene, and many other surprises.

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Spread out over fifty years and all five continents, Street Art is a huge movement. It isn’t really easy to define or to identify its main artists.


Travel inside a city that was dreamt to house « A Walk Into Street Art », and discover :

–     The genesis of street art, from its very beginnings to its hour of glory

–     Street Art with a message, communication peace, tolerance and respect

–     Abstract forms of street art

–     Walls that come from all around the world, united for the first time.


An exhibit in collaboration with Yannick Boesso, director of Urban Art Fair


Characterised by its own codes, its diversity, its popularity and its integration in contemporary times, street art is rocked by an endless quest for legitimacy when it comes to its relationship with museums or with the forefathers of graffiti. Accessible to all, urban art is a prism for thought. How does one select artworks – or rather, art walls – for a universal museum in virtual reality, and ensure that they encapsulate the movement well enough? It’s simply impossible. We don’t have enough historical distance yet in order to extract the essence of what could turn out to be the greatest movement of our times, if competition is art.


A Walk Into Street Art is a non-exhaustive parenthesis. It’s a window through which you can catch a glimpse of the desire to have the artworks and their contexts interact through widening the artists’ intention towards universal meaning. Through this exposition, UMA hopes to create a unique opportunity to discover an emblematic selection of one of the greatest art movements of our time in an unprecedented environment.”

Yannick Boesso