Memories Paper, Nathalie Boutté

22 October 2018

Her work is always a renaissance, her technique still learning. No certainty, no truth, always an extra experience, always one more step forward

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Be at the forefront of contemporary art and discover emerging artists like you’ve never seen them before. This exhibition is a solo show dedicated to Nathalie Boutté, a French artist who questions memory through meticulously composed works.


Immerse yourself in the work of the contemporary artist and discover:

–     A series of the most emblematic works of the artist gathered for the first time!

–     The stories of anonymous people, forgotten by time, but brought back to light by the artist.


An exhibition in collaboration with the Magnin-A gallery


Nathalie Boutté’s works of art, composed by several thousand paper strips, shed light on anonymous photographs of the end of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th. Her research on the pioneers of photography and the birth of the first studios help us discover these forgotten people.


Nathalie is a sensitive soul and a manual spirit. She manipulate paper and text, typographic gray and inks… This alchemist draws with words, writes with picture or even paints with paper. She offers us a place where text and image meet; the daguerreotype and the pixel; between the past and the future.


Her work is always a renaissance, her technique always refining itself. No certainty, no truth, always an extra experience;  always one more step forward.